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ConnectWise is more than software—we support our Partners with information to help you manage and grow your business and get the best possible value out of ConnectWise. Whether you need best practices, training, or technical assistance, ConnectWise will make sure you get the support to provide your IT business with a competitive edge.

ConnectWise Support

ConnectWise Partners receive world-class technical support. When your ConnectWise Administrator requests support, you can expect fast, accurate, responsive help. We close a large percentage of Service Requests in less than 24 hours. In fact, our support team consistently scores over 90% on Partner satisfaction surveys.

We offer you three flexible ways to communicate with our support team: email, live chat and our Partner Portal. Live chat is a perfect way to get instant answers to quick questions—use this real-time, interactive tool to ask our support technicians how to complete a task in ConnectWise.

      Your work doesn’t necessarily end at five o’clock. Our technical support hours accommodate support 24/7. If you need help in a hurry, we’re ready to respond 24/7 to a ‘sever down’ or ‘high impact’ scenario that affects your company.

As you work with our Support team, we’ll provide more than just technical solutions. It’s our goal to guide you to the best resources to help you manage your business effectively, including industry best practices, community forums, user groups, and ConnectWise University training.

Scope of Support >

Scope of Support

Live Chat

Live Chat:
Live chat is for quick how-to questions. It is not the best way to obtain help for more in-depth problems.

Email Support

The easiest way to enter a new Service Request is to email it directly onto our Service Board!  When you send an email to, the email is automatically entered on our service board and we are notified. Be sure to include this information in your email:

  • Summarize the problem in your email subject line.
  • Good description of the problem in the body of your email.
  • Screen shot. Screen shots tell us a lot.
  • Error message. If you get an error message, open it up and cut/paste it into your email. 
  • User name that had the problem and what they were doing at the time. 
  • Name of the screen and tab you were on when you encountered the problem. Example:  Company Screen / Activity Tab

Important note:
Please use the Partner Portal to check on your Service Requests. Do not send another email to check on the status of your issues—every new email to starts a new Service Request.

Partner Portal

Partner Portal:
Partners can enter and review requests directly in the Customer Portal.   We record everything here and also share it with you. If you are the ConnectWise Administrator and do not have access to the partner login, send an email to with your desired password and we will setup your account on the Customer Portal.

Having a partner portal is a great Best Practice for IT solutions companies. You should use this Best Practice for handling your client's service requests.

Support Hours >

Support Hours

ConnectWise Partner Support Services is available to ConnectWise Administrators during these hours

ConnectWise Partner Support is Available
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

ConnectWise Partner Support is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by chat, email and phone.

Support Guidelines >

ConnectWise Admin Guidelines

To receive Support from ConnectWise you need to be a CWadmin:

Support can be accessed through the following options:
1)     Email: 
2)     Partner Portal:
3)     Live Chat:

If you would like to be one of our points of contact, we will designate you as a ConnectWise Administrator now, you must complete the ConnectWise Administrator Major within 30 days.

If you don't want to become a ConnectWise Administrator, or if your company already has all of its’ ConnectWise Administrators, then forward your issue to one of your ConnectWise Administrators. They may have the answer or can certainly forward it to us at,, to create a Ticket for us to help them.

ConnectWise Admin Responsibilities
Unfortunately, we cannot support all of your end users directly. You should have at least one user at your company designated as the ConnectWise Administrator. Let everyone in your company know who is the ConnectWise Administrator. All problems, issues and requests from your users should be reported to your ConnectWise Administrator. We will work with your administrator to resolve issues and teach them how to get the most from ConnectWise. Your admin will become your in-house guru for ConnectWise. We will focus our efforts in making your admin very knowledgeable and will coach them on troubleshooting tips and tricks. After awhile, your admin will be able to resolve many common issues and answer most user questions.

This Admin concept is a Best Practice. You should use this Best Practice for handling your client's service requests.

Emergency Support >

ConnectWise Emergency Support

Urgent issues are classified as follows:

Emergency: An emergency is a server down. Server down is when no one in your business can log into ConnectWise. If this happens, please enter "Server Down" in the Summary Description of your ticket. This will notify our on-call engineers during off hours. You can also call our Support line at 813-463-4715.

High Impact: You could also be experiencing a ‘High Impact’ scenario. While not qualifying as an emergency, a high impact issue can have a large impact on your business and is a high priority to resolve. A ‘High Impact’ issue could be due to the following:

  • Server is down
  • Email connector is down – no tickets are being created on your service board
  • Inability to invoice – cash flow is being affected
  • Outlook Sync is not working – calendar appointments are not syncing from ConnectWise to Outlook

Support Home >

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Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.

Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.