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Do you have disjointed systems that cannot support your ever changing needs. ConnectWise can help you improve these processes by providing one solution for your R&D, Technical Support as well as your Sales, Marketing, Finance and Professional Services teams.

ConnectWise: Making It All Manageable

ConnectWise helps you organize your business around one centralized system so that you can easily connect and communicate throughout the organization. With a fully integrated operational platform, ConnectWise enables you to track your projects and customer requests completely—from the initial contract through custom development, implementation and support. With improved business processes and automated workflows, you can manage a variety of licensing and support agreements. Everything works together to ensure you deliver superior customer service to your clients and achieve your productivity and profitability goals.

We put control of your business where it belongs: In your hands. True visibility into all aspects of your business is now within your reach. You and your team can work with greater efficiencies than ever before. ConnectWise dramatically increases your ability to manage all areas of your software business including:

  • Technical Support
  • Research & Development
  • Professional Services
  • Sales and marketing

Business Automation for Software Companies

ConnectWise controls and manages all the information you require to be successful in every aspect of your business, all in one centralized system. This potent combination has helped our ConnectWise Partners grow their businesses. The benefits many of them have derived can be yours, as well. These benefits include:

Delight Your Clients -  In order to keep clients happy and loyal, you need an easier way to make sure you are meeting their every need. Imagine the ability to provide exceptional customer support through better support tracking with an extensive audit trail. Deliver a top notch customer experience through automated notifications and communication about new releases, upgrades or client support requests. Finally get complete control over your implementation process so you can deliver a quality product on time, every time. 

Increase Profitability - ConnectWise tightens the tracking of hours spent on research and development. It also helps ensure accountability to individual agreements by accurately tracking time and providing closed loop client communication. You will know what it costs to maintain your current release along with rolling out the next one.

Also, instead of a grueling billing process, ConnectWise helps you streamline that process so you can bill for extra time with integrated time tracking. Build out bronze, silver and gold plans with maximum yearly hours.  Plus, you can effectively track client maintenance and support agreements so you can ensure proper billing and identify upsell opportunities for next level support or additional add-on modules.

Utilize Resources Effectively – In order to successfully manage your entire project portfolio, and keep your customers happy, it is imperative to effectively manage your time and resources. ConnectWise enables you to track time so that you know what tasks are completed or currently in process and gives you the ability to schedule tasks for available resources.

Automated notifications are built into the system so that everyone including employees, managers and customers are in the loop when tasks are completed. ConnectWise also keeps everyone informed of client agreement details, ensuring work is performed according to specifications and your help desk provides support to the right clients.

Using the dispatching feature allows you to delegate support requests to the appropriate subject matter expert and helps to ensure that your customers not only get a quick response, but the best answer to their questions.

ConnectWise: Your Business Your Way

The toughest part of managing any business toward excellence lies in keeping everyone focused on the business drivers. To achieve this, ConnectWise simplifies roles and communication within your company…

Technical Support
Give your customers what they want: Customers want easy access to support and they want to be heard and informed. With ConnectWise, customers can send an e-mail which immediately displays on your support board. These e-mails trigger alerts that automatically assign, dispatch, prioritize and escalate these requests based on rules that you customize for each account. Clients are notified of their issue status automatically and they also have the option of tracking a variety of “how to”, defect and enhancement requests through the integrated customer portal.

Research & Development 
With ConnectWise, built-in automated workflow ensures everyone is in the loop. Finally you can track all time your employees spend on each development project. Built-in time tracking allows for engineers to put time in by project, customer or any criteria you define. Plus, rules can be defined for varying roles throughout the organization so that employees from engineers to sales know what needs to be done. These processes are documented in ConnectWise, providing an audit trail so you aware of any issues before they become re-occurring problems.

ConnectWise can also help you better manage other areas of research and development including:

  • Get automatic notification when projects go beyond quoted time estimates
  • Track defects and enhancements through entire process
  • Easily notify clients of request status
  • Everyone can track, review and make changes to request status including QA, Development and Product Management


Professional Services
If your professional services team is using best practices in project management, they will require two essential elements: collaboration and coordination. ConnectWise gives you both, ensuring a smooth running project from beginning to end.  ConnectWise and its integrated project management capabilities ensure that the proper resources are notified of upcoming implementations with system-generated templates, eliminating the need for sales to have to follow-up on individual project tasks.

Familiar tasks include assigning action items, tracking progress toward due dates and reporting right down to each individual action item. Drill down or dig up – your project information is readily available and visible to all involved.

Whether your project involves one person in one place, or a team spread across multiple locations, you will find ConnectWise gives you executive-level, real-time project reporting. Powerful, flexible and customizable to your requirements, we make sure your projects are handled with excellence all along the way.

Sales, Marketing & Account Management
With ConnectWise, back and front office tasks are coordinated like never before. The motivation, resources and business intelligence required to make your sales results jump is in the right hands at the right times. Marketing efforts are tracked effortlessly, making sure you are reaching your target audience. And our account management tool set helps your team stay on top of client issues and concerns. 

ConnectWise gives you superior account management tools so you get an integrated 360 degree view of your clients, ensuring there are no surprises when your account manager makes a call on your clients. 

With ConnectWise, you’ll get the power to:

  • Easily escalate custom development requests to sales
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns through an integrated client and prospect database
  • Create nurturing campaigns to keep prospects engaged
  • Build future activities based on prospect type
  • Capture important notes and opportunity information, including support needs

ConnectWise: Documenting Successes

Partner Comments On Profitability, SLA's, Community, Time Entry Videos

Our desire to maintain our place as an industry leader and pacesetter means our work is never done. Part of accomplishing that objective means being sensitive to Partner feedback. Listen to our Partners discuss not only their impressions, but also the results they have experienced since installing ConnectWise.


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Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.

Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.