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The MSP Connector for ConnectWise makes it easier to provide managed services and helps ensure the profitability of SLAs and the satisfaction of your clients. The MSP Connector centralizes, manages, and reports on key metrics from a variety of managed services tools and provides open APIs so you can easily share data between those tools and ConnectWise. Integration empowers you to more fully automate your business for extra efficiency, better use of resources, and ultimately, higher revenues.


Bringing it all Together

ConnectWise is designed to serve as the business operating system for MSPs. As such, it should be the central hub of your operations, tying into every aspect of the managed services you provide. The MSP Connector for ConnectWise provides open APIs that enable easy integration with your choice of MSP tools, including:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)
  • NOC/Help Desk Ticket Integration
  • Network Security, Spam Filtering and Virus Protection

Integration enables information to feed seamlessly from your MSP tools into ConnectWise service ticketing, resource scheduling, service delivery, invoicing and reporting, for comprehensive automation and a unified view of managed services. Use integration points to exchange critical data from your MSP solution with ConnectWise:

  • Ticketing: Any warning of failure events will cause ConnectWise to open a ticket against the associated company record.
  • Reporting: Automatically update the ConnectWise executive management summary report with information on success statistics, failure usage or additional metrics.
  • Configurations: Device or asset configurations are automatically created for the appropriate company record in ConnectWise.
  • Billing: Update the quantities of assets and additional statistics are automatically reflected on the appropriate ConnectWise invoice.


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ConnectWise MSP Connector Benefits >

Unified View of Managed Services

When you use ConnectWise to tie together every aspect of your MSP business, you'll benefit from end-to-end integration and automation. With a unified view of managed services, you can make ensure excellent client service, fulfill your SLAs, make your business more efficient and increase profitability.

Automation = Time Saved

The MSP Connector saves your organization many hours by moving information effortlessly between MSP tools and ConnectWise. When MSP tools record alerts or failures, ConnectWise automatically generates a ticket—no need to re-enter information manually. You'll have just one system to work tickets and resolve every issue for your clients, ensuring nothing is missed.

Data Centralization = Accurate Billing

When you're providing managed services, you don't want to work for free. Yet that's exactly what can happen if you lack an airtight system for capturing all of the services provided and tickets closed. The MSP Connector enables you to keep every ticket in one centralized location, so all of your billable hours are captured by ConnectWise. Automated invoicing ensures that you're billing for all of the work you do.

Better Reporting = Happier Clients

When you're doing your job right, your clients might not notice all of the work you do. Provide MSP clients with executive reports showing services performed (both automated and manual) on their behalf, as well as exactly how much system uptime they received. Executive reporting can better demonstrate the value of your services, and that increases client satisfaction and retention.

Managed Services Integration Points >

Managed Services Integration Points

The MSP Connector provides open APIs to integrate the managed services tools you use everyday into your ConnectWise business operating system. Our Developer Network partners have already created integrations to some of the most popular MSP solutions. Here is how integration points in ConnectWise work with categories of MSP tools:

View the ConnectWise Integration Flow

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM):

Remote monitoring and management is a powerful, proactive tool for MSPs—and its integration to ConnectWise has a positive impact on client service. Automate server and workstation asset records into ConnectWise, so you have real-time numbers available for invoicing and you know the details about every asset. A bi-directional interface provides two-way ticketing for a unified view of issue resolution. When alerts are generated in your RMM, ConnectWise automatically creates a service ticket with the individual device or workstation attached. One click in the ticket takes you into RMM to work the problem. Closing a ticket in either RMM or ConnectWise will close it in the other system, as well as add the time and notes to both systems. The information captured from your RMM system can be included in your executive reports for clients, so they understand the value of the services you provide proactively.

Backup / BDR Integration

If a backup or restore fails, this integration will automatically create a service ticket in ConnectWise and update quantities. You’ll benefit from a single unified view of backup statistics and automated customer usage information. Automatically integrate those statistics to your invoices for accurate billing by gigabytes of storage space.

Firewall, Security, Spam and Virus

As with RMM and BDR, alerts generated in your security tools will automatically generate tickets in ConnectWise for a unified work view. You can even integrate with outsourced service boards. ConnectWise receives key statistics to display on your executive reports for clients, including metrics such as SMTP security, total account messages, email viruses removed, spam messages filtered, bandwidth utilization, top ranked sites, and intrusion preventions. Finally, the statistical information generated by your security tools can be used to automatically update invoices and agreements.

NOC / Help Desk Integration

This integration will enable ConnectWise to automatically generate service tickets to track NOC portal tickets. Comments entered on NOC portals will be viewable within ConnectWise for better visibility, and ConnectWise information will be stored on the NOC portal for oversight purposes.

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Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.

Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.