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ConnectWise Capital incubates innovative solutions to be sold exclusively through the IT channel. Its $20M fund is targeting emerging products and services that create market advantage and new opportunities for the IT Channel. ConnectWise will bring its 28 years of experience, channel focus, and market leadership to the companies funded by ConnectWise Capital.


Investing in New IT Channel Vendors and Emerging Industry Leaders

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Our Purpose

We are proud to introduce you to ConnectWise Capital, a funding initiative that incubates innovative solutions, sold exclusively through the IT channel.

ConnectWise Capital targets emerging products and services that will create market advantages and new opportunities for our partners within the IT Nation. In 2009, $20 million had been set aside for this venture, but ConnectWise Capital also brings 30 years of leadership experience to its investment partners, ensuring each extends their leadership position with their product category.

David Bellini

Co-founder David Bellini manages all ConnectWise Capital Investments. "Making these investments is another way ConnectWise can nurture and empower innovative suppliers to the IT Nation," said Bellini. "We always review new and unique companies that wish to accelerate their growth by working with ConnectWise Capital, and develop new market opportunities for them."

"ConnectWise is really the de facto Business Operating System for the IT Channel," Bellini continues. "Our commitment to simple and powerful integration has been embraced by over hundreds of companies who use our APIs to integrate into ConnectWise. This gives our partners a significant number of choices and significant flexibility to select and deliver offerings for their clients. ConnectWise Capital will further expand these choices with companies that are pure channel plays."

Investment Objectives

ConnectWise pioneered the lT Industry's leading application for professional service automation (PSA). ConnectWise Capital is also a pioneer in delivering products and services that will ensure the success of the IT Nation, (our term for next-generation MSPs, VARs and solutions providers).

Our Principles

  • Do Good. We have one simple rule for ConnectWise. "Do Good." We are looking after the IT Nation. We are giving back to help, and with any luck we will also benefit from "Doing Good".
  • Win-Win-Win. If an innovation benefits the IT Ecosystem and is Channel Exclusive, we think it can "Do Good." We look for the Win-Win-Win constellation; an innovation that lets the end client Win, while making SURE the IT Nation Wins and has the potential to let ConnectWise Win. We are at the END of the line, so if we don't accomplish the first 2 Wins we don't get a Win.
  • Funding. The ConnectWise Co-founders Arnie and David Bellini have been building a "war chest" for 30 years. It's all our funding, no debt, no outside help. Both Bellini's are CPAs, so our Balance Sheets do look good. We also happen to be frugal.
  • APIs, Think MORE not less. We are exposing more of our APIs and enhancing those APIs for our Integration Partners. We won't disadvantage any current or future Integration Partner regardless of where ConnectWise Capital invests funds. It's about more choices, not less. Other companies have made mistakes by closing down their APIs to advantage themselves. Bad idea, we are doing the opposite. Our funding will sharpen those APIs and those will be available to EVERYONE. We have a great API track record and roadmap.
  • Eye on the Ball. ConnectWise is and will always be the central focus of all of our strategies. The ConnectWise Business Operating System is the platform for everything we are building.
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Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.

Want more information about ConnectWise? Chat with the Sales team now.