HIPAA Compliance with ConnectWise & LabTech

HIPAA Compliance with ConnectWise Suite

HIPAA compliance represents an entire threshold of challenges for technology solution providers (TSPs) who service the healthcare industry. No one knows that fact better than the team at Doberman Technologies LLC.

Finding Compliance with ConnectWise

Find Compliance with ConnectWise

Did you ever think that ConnectWise might save you from a million-dollar fine? ConnectWise is more than a business management solution, it’s a great compliance tool too. Imagine This…

Conducting Electronic Business from a Legal Perspective | Video


In this third and final episode, join industry expert and lawyer, Brad Gross, and learn ins and outs of conducting electronic business from a legal standpoint.  After viewing this video you’ll understand why you should never negotiate deals via email, the e-sign law, what to include in electronic documents and why you should keep multiple…

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5 Things Every Technology Service Provider Needs to Know About Legal | Video


There is a strong possibility that your master service agreement is not up to par and industry expert and lawyer Brad Gross is here to tell you why. Set boundaries to protect your business. Don’t fall victim to poorly designed agreements. Join us in this 10 minute video and learn about the top things that…

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HIPAA and HITECH Compliance with Brad Gross | Video


Why is HIPAA important to you? If you receive, maintain or create anything having to do with personal health information, HIPAA applies to you. Learn what steps you need to take to get compliant and protect your business. Follow industry expert and lawyer, Brad Gross, through his three-part video series that discusses the things that…

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