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Technology solution provider best practices and industry news, all in one place.

Tips to Transition to As-A-Service

As-A-Service: It Could Save Your Business

It’s not hype. If you sell, service or support technology, the future survival of your business may well depend on understanding and implementing an “as-a-service” approach. Simply put, this model—also known as “managed services”—bundles together the hardware, software, services and support you provide and offers them to clients for a monthly fee. Consider these top…

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Award-Winning Dedication to Partner Success

ConnectWise ARC Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that ConnectWise was voted the overall winner in the Managed Services category in The Channel Company’s CRN® 2016 Annual Report Card (ARC) awards program for the second year in a row!

4 Tips to Sell Value-Added Services

4 Strategies to Build Value in IT Services

Ready for a harsh truth? Your hardware and software alone won’t make clients value you as a long-term technology advisor. After all, clients can get similar technology products and services from most of your competitors.

CloudConsole Will Soon Support Microsoft Azure

CloudConsole Supports Microsoft Azure

Since its release in February 2016, ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ has enabled hundreds of technology solution providers (TSPs) to successfully manage, monitor, and bill Microsoft® Office 365™ licenses within one central console. 

5 Tips for Creating a Patch Management Strategy

Piriform Patch Management

Patch management plays a critical role in minimizing business risk caused by outdated software in any IT infrastructure. But for many companies it can feel like a never-ending cycle that inspires fear and lack of action.

The Customer Journey: What Customers Really Want to Buy

Navigating the Customer Journey

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf The US Department of Commerce reports the first quarter of 2016 saw $92.8 billion in e-commerce sales. Impressive, you say, but what does that have to do with the world of technology solution providers? Stay with me here. As consumers, we’re all…

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How to Manage Cash Flow for New Services

Managing Cash Flow

Creating new practice areas at your business? Before you dive into marketing your expanded services, take a step back and analyze your pricing. Are you set up to bill and invoice as efficiently as you can be? Is your pricing accurate, or are you somewhere between undercharging and overcharging?

How to Sell Azure Cloud Services

Cloud Services Sales

Being a relatively new movement in the industry, there’s an understandable lack of familiarity surrounding the cloud and why it’s important. It’s a complex concept to grapple with, even for seasoned technology solution providers (TSPs).

The Customer Journey: Hit the Road with a Handoff to Sales

Handoff from Marketing to Sales

“You don’t close a sale. You open a relationship.” – Patricia Fripp, sales presentation coach & speaker This probably isn’t the first time you’ve read that popular sales quote, but I think it’s a particularly fitting thought for this third part in my series about the Customer Journey.

3 Tips for Designing an Agile Business Plan

Create Your Agile Business Plan

Looking to expand your service offerings? If so, you’re making a wise decision. Offering new services can help you expand the geographic reach of your business and increase your profits.

3 Billing Best Practices for the Cloud

Billing by User and Cloud Services

It’s official: billing by device has no silver lining when it comes to the cloud. As technology continues to advance, and more companies start adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies, it’ll become tougher for technology solution providers (TSPs) to track who’s using what.