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Tips to Transition to As-A-Service

As-A-Service: It Could Save Your Business

It’s not hype. If you sell, service or support technology, the future survival of your business may well depend on understanding and implementing an “as-a-service” approach. Simply put, this model—also known as “managed services”—bundles together the hardware, software, services and support you provide and offers them to clients for a monthly fee. Consider these top…

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3 Ways to Create a More Profitable Pricing Strategy

3 Ways to Create More Profitable Pricing Strategy

Pricing continues to be a hot topic on every business owner’s mind. You don’t want to deter business by charging too much, but at the same time, you don’t want to sell yourself short. We’re all after that happy medium, where clients stay loyal and you turn a decent profit. You pricing strategy plays a…

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3 Keys to Managing a Service Team

3 Keys to Managing an IT Service Team

We all know the old saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” With that advice ringing in their ears, service managers and business owners are on the lookout for ways to better manage, schedule, and pull reports on their in-house and field service teams. We’ve found that these challenges can be overcome if you…

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How Should A Help Desk Use The ITIL Framework?

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At its foundation, ITIL is a library of six core books: Official Introduction, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Operation, Service Transition and Continual Service Improvement. When implementing ITIL, you’ll need to design your Help Desk to provide:

4 Innovative New Features Announced at IT Nation 2015

New Features Announced at IT Nation 2015

Every year, I think I’m prepared for IT Nation, but every year it goes by in a total blur. IT Nation 2015 was no exception; it was 3 high-energy days of innovation, business building, and fun. But between the whirlwind of speakers, sessions, and networking events, I was still blown away by the power of…

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IT Nation 2015 Keynote Recap

IT Nation 2015 Keynote Recap

“The only true renewable energy source for your passion is purpose.” – Arnie Bellini True to the ongoing mission of IT Nation, the 2015 keynote address by our CEO Arnie Bellini inspired industry professionals as he spoke to the greater role technology (and technology solution providers) are destined to play in shaping our future. A…

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Planning for Your Success in 2016

3 Reasons You Need a Business Plan in 2016

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Just managing the day-to-day of running your business can feel like more than enough, but to be truly prepared for your best year ever, you’ve got to have the right plan in place. If both business and revenue growth are on your priority list,…

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3 Reasons Well-Planned Projects Go Over Budget

project management no budget

Budgeting is super exciting, right? Not. I’m guessing your idea of a great Friday night doesn’t consist of analyzing project budgets. But guess what? It’s important. Just as with personal finances, if you don’t know what’s coming in and going out, you’re likely to come up short. The same principle applies to project management. Someone…

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7 Ways to Supercharge Your IT Services Sales Team with Best Practices

IT Services Sales Team Best Practices

Quick…what do you think a sales rep does? If your answer wasn’t a split-second ‘sell,’ there might be a problem brewing in your business. Not to sound judgmental, mind you. During my 20+ years of experience serving as the CEO of a technology company and developing a sales training academy for IT services professionals, there’s…

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Drive Marketing Success with ConnectWise CampaignDirector

Drive Marketing Success with CampaignDirector

A team once set out on an epic journey to document the best practices of an IT business. That journey: The Path to Success. The following is an account of best marketing practices gleaned from this endeavor. The Missing Pieces

7 Costly Misconceptions You Can’t Afford to Believe

Top 7 Costly Technology Company Misconceptions

At this year’s IT Nation event, we’re going to demonstrate how to optimize your business success using the ConnectWise® Business Suite™. Too often, business owners have misconceptions about running their business that can actually be costing them a pretty penny. We’re here to help dispel the 7 common misconceptions that are costing you money, so…

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