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Top 5 Best Practices for your Help Desk

A Help Desk is designed to be the first point of contact for customers when they have requests or problems with their technology services. And you, as the technology service provider are responsible for addressing those issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  It is essential, then, to ensure a strategic method of managing this

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Fuel Your Reinvention: Breathe Innovation


Innovation. It’s a term thrown around everywhere, but it’s easier to say than to do. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to be an inventor on par with Steve Jobs to be considered an innovator. As Josh Linkner points out in his book “The Road to Reinvention,” innovation is a process. You’re not going

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Fuel Your Reinvention: Your Voice; Your Company

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If there is anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that having the courage to stand up and share your voice can make an incredible difference in your company. Just imagine if everyone felt empowered enough to speak their mind—it would create insurmountably better business. At our company, your voice; your company means giving everyone

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ConnectWise Reinventing a Platform: Release 2015.1


Necessity may be the mother of invention, as Plato taught us. But reinvention goes beyond necessity. Reinvention requires the determination to take something you already do well and reimagine ways to do it even better. The ConnectWise 2015.1 release is all about reinvention. You’ll find a lot of new features and enhancements in ConnectWise 2015.1—all

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