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Technology solution provider best practices and industry news, all in one place.

5 Best Practices for an HR Strategy

What’s Your HR Strategy? 5 Best Practices

People work with people. And human resources (HR) assures quality when it comes to staffing. You entrust this vital role to entice top talent to work for you, onboarding them correctly, keep them happy, address their concerns, and develop their potential. Virtually every part of the customer’s experience with a technology company involves a human…

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Windows Server 2016: 5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things to Know About Windows Server 2016

On October 12th, Microsoft released their latest server operating system – Windows Server 2016. To ensure your success, we’ve gathered a list of the top 5 things you need to know.

The IT Nation: It’s More Than a Conference

The IT Nation IT Conference by ConnectWise

You know the feeling of arriving at a home game in full team regalia, logging in to join your gaming guild for a new quest, or walking through the door of your mom and dad’s house? It’s that sweet mixture of excitement, familiarity, and comfort.

Become the Trusted Security Adviser Your Clients Need

Become a Trusted Security Adviser

These days, every organization needs someone they can trust for advice on IT security. Global enterprises like the Wall Street banks can afford to put one or more trusted security advisers on staff. Down on Main Street, most folks have to look outside the organization for trusted security advice, just as they do for trusted…

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5 Things to Know About the Microsoft CSP Program

Microsoft CSP Program Benefits

Does the cloud still feel like uncharted territory to you? If it does, you’re not alone. Many businesses are still wary of this new frontier. After all, losing control of your clients’ systems in an invisible environment isn’t the most comforting thought–if you’re unfamiliar with the benefits.

Are You Wearing Pants Under Your Desk?


When offering a managed service to clients, managing servers and endpoints—and managing them well—is important. That pretty much goes without saying. Devices, like desktops and phones, are the most visible and tangible part of the network to your clients. They’re the parts clients interact with all the time. So, when there are problems with endpoints,…

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Addressing Office 365 and OneDrive Migration Issues

CentreStack Helps with Office 365 Migration Issues

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no surprise that Office 365 has been a raging success.  In the last few years, Microsoft has pivoted with incredible agility to become a cloud-computing powerhouse with the most pervasive enterprise cloud service (by user count).

HIPAA Compliance with ConnectWise & LabTech

HIPAA Compliance with ConnectWise Suite

HIPAA compliance represents an entire threshold of challenges for technology solution providers (TSPs) who service the healthcare industry. No one knows that fact better than the team at Doberman Technologies LLC.

8 Things to Bring with You to Dreamforce

Dreamforce Event

Are you heading to Dreamforce® for the first time, or maybe just need a refresher on what to pack for this epic conference? As veteran attendees, we have compiled a list of suitcase must-haves to make your trip a dream.

ConnectWise Named as a Representative Vendor by Gartner

Gartner Representative Vendor for IT Management Solution

We’re thrilled to announce that for the first time ever, ConnectWise® been named as a Representative Vendor in Gartner Inc.’s Market Guide for Client Management Tools for its IT management solution, LabTech®!

The Customer Journey & Billing: One Partner’s Story

4 Billing Best Practices

We sat down with 10-year strong ConnectWise partner, Amy Kardel, to talk about the customer journey and billing process at her business. As co-owner of Clever Ducks, a San Luis Obispo-based technology solution provider (TSP), she’s experienced the difference between a smooth billing process, and a not-so-smooth one.